Builders consulting and
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Best possible support from our experts

No matter whether private or commercial – modern constructions and the appreciation of existing buildings need a lot of know-how to master forthcoming challenges perfectly.

In order to have solid foundations we recommend the assistance of our expert Thomas Falkner. By means of a development study he clears up legal conditions and takes necessary measures for the planned project. Location analysis and usage analysis as well as a feasibility study investigate crucial questions in advance.

In case of a project development respectively appreciation it is important to consider all sides of the property: What are the structural possibilities? How much money is needed for the renovation? Which potential utilization offers the object? In this context the location quality and the demands of the future users are significant. Furthermore possible risks have to be determined and minimized.

Our professional experience demonstrates that especially builder-owners with little experience benefit from the assistance of our experts. Thomas Falkner supervises you in building consulting and approval procedures. He calculates the costs and takes care that the costs don´t overrun. Furthermore he adopts the quality assurance und ultimately the building inspection.

The building consulting from real estate consulting Falkner in cooperation with Thomas Falkner is a high-quality building solution which convinces sustainably. As your partner we also verify if a cooperation between you and a general company is useful. In that case Thomas Falkner supervises you during all different planning stages, ending up with the completion of the building.

Project development: See the capability and valorise
Optimisation of accommodations and buildings

Location and property are present, you just need a brilliant idea for a new utilisation? We put heads together and find out the value-adding potential of your real estate. It is a pleasure for us to develop a new concept for vacant buildings and for objects that have room for improvement. Value-adding, sustainable and cost-efficient.

Thanks to the cooperation with our partner companies and the support of star designers, it is possible for us to inspire architectural modifications in an accommodation or a building. Proposed solutions, that are exactly planned, change your property into an attractive evolved object with real added value.

Nothing is left to chance - neither calculation nor the award of contracts to our partner companies. Our choice of distribution channels and marketing measures is carefully operated as soon as you and your project are ready for it.

Our knowledge inspires, our ideas motivate. Use our experience, our network, our vision and foresight for a sustainable appreciation value of your real estate!

We are looking forward to your inquiry.